Dirk & Frans Maris

Frans Maris has been a feared short-haul player for many years

so Gaston Van De Wouwer said: There is no thing against Frans Maris. Frans messes everything up and loots the PoulKassa every week while playing the short distance. I think it is better for me to look for a new challenge on the national flights of the medium-haul route because on the short-haul route I cannot win a flowerpot against Frans Maris!

A few years later, Dirk & Frans Maris followed the trend and also switched to the national flights of the medium-haul route (step by step). Dirk Maris (son) was certainly the driving force behind this step.

The super fast short distance pigeons from Dirk & Frans were brought in by Roger & Nick Thijs from Harlaar from their portier line. This was an absolute hit!

Here are some “cracks” in recent years:

BE12-6024544 (Maxi)


BE17-6052627 (Martha)

BE18-6061806 (Sunny)

BE18-6061856  (Proxi)

What underlines these great travel services is that Dirk & Frans Maris have a small inventory and are not a large factory like many other strikes in Belgium!

The Amazing-Wings Team wishes Dirk & Frans Maris the very best for 2020!