Strong weekend 22/23 August 2020 by Patrick Boeckx with 2 x 1st prize!

The small top hit Patrick Boeckx from Vorselaar posted on
Weekend 23/24. August and his SAGAN family overshadowed everything.

From the Melun race (320 km) on Saturday August 22nd, 2020 against 2,281 youngsters in Union Antwerp
Patrick Boeckx wins the 1st and 2nd prize with the youngsters B20-602117 and B20-6021106! The so-called "big names" like Stefaan Lambrechts,
Dirk Van Dyck, Eddy Janssens etc. were clearly left behind on this medium-haul flight.
Melun (320 km)
pedigree B20-602117
pedigree B20-6021106
On Sunday, August 24, 2020 in the Tienverbond against the specialists Dirk Van Den Bulck, Jos Cools, Dirk Donckers etc. Patrick Boeckx wins
 the Noyon (220 km) vs. 1.622 youngsters again the 1st prize with the youngster B20-6021165!
This first prize is certainly to be valued highly because Patrick had only used one young bird !!
The three pedigrees of the super fast youngsters show that Patrick has absolutely top material.
All three youngsters come from brothers of the world famous SAGAN 1st National AS pigeon KBDB Vitesse.
 Noyon (220km)
pedigree B20-6021165
Amazing Wings congratulates Patrick Boeckx on this super weekend! Keep it up !!