P & D the best address for short-distance pigeons in Europe !

In England, Ireland and Wales well known now on the way to becoming a worldwide size.
So you can rewrite these two pigeon-mad Paul & Darren.

Dirk Van Den Bulck

Paul & Darren, with a lot of expertise and a happy hand, have the best “speed pigeons” over the
acquired in recent years. In doing so, they have taken the two top blows from the “Teinverbond” in the province
Antwerp. From Dirk Van Den Bulck they have certainly acquired the best of the best.
No blow in the UK or Europe has this quality on Van Den Bulcks like P & D. 
Patrick Boeckx 
The second step was to knock on Patrick Boeckx’s door in Vorselaar and to buy the Creme della Cerme. The SAGAN 1st National ACE Pigeon and his family have been particularly fond of Paul & Darren. We will hear a lot about this because P & D have only brought a lot of “SAGAN’S” to England in the last two/three years.
For all sports fans who are “crazy” after super fast pigeons is now surely the opportunity to strengthen at the running Auction of P & D on Amazing Wings !
Good luck !