Dirk & Frans Maris win 3rd National Bourges vs. 23,832 youngsters !

On Saturday 30 July 2022, the medium-distance classic Bourges in Belgium was on the programme.
A total of 41,804 pigeons were used. 23,832 youngsters, 10,366 yearlings and 7,606  pigeons.
Start at 07.30 am. Weather at start: nice to very nice, windless, good visibility.

The 1st national victory in the young pigeons went to Emin Redzovic from Bonheiden (province of Antwerp) at a
Distance of 471.258 km and a speed of 1,331.80 meters/minute.
Dirk & Frans Maris from Itegem (Province of Antwerp) stated their youngster B22-6036765 at 13:31:48
at a distance of 480.670 km at a speed of 1,328.55 meters/minute. This should be the 3rd National vs. 23,832 youngsters. Dirk & Frans Maris with their small stock have become a fixture on the National Medium-Haul Races in recent years!
The pedigree of the young hen B22-6036765 consists of pure quality: On the paternal side a son Martha B17-6052627 was 1st National ACE pigeon KBDB small medium distance (community breeding with Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede) and on the mother’s side the top hen “Proxi” B18-6061856 flew eight times in the
100 National!! Simply great!
Team Amazing Wings congratulates Dirk & Frans Maris on this great result on the middle-distance classic Bourges National !