Nico Verkimpe & Gilbert De Waeghe from Oostakker win 10th National Bourges vs. 23,847 youngsters!

On Saturday 30th July 2022 the Belgian middle distance classic took place with a total of 41,804 pigeons.
The start was at 7.30 a.m. with very good weather.

There were 7,610 old birds, 10,359 yearlings and 23,847 youngsters together at the start.
The loft Nico Verkimpe & Gilbert De Waeghe from Oostakker (province of East Flanders) win
her little blue hen B22-4169243 the 10th National against 23,847 youngsters at a distance of 460.914 km and 1,320.86 meters/minute.
Since Nico is still working and has to leave the house early every day, the two breeders only play with youngsters!
The pedigree of the little top flyer B22-4169243 leaves nothing to be desired: Chipo van Benny Steveninck,
 Bliksem by Gaby Vandenabeele and Louis Van Paesschen.

Team Amazing Wings congratulates the two humble breeders from Oostakker on this great achievement!