Dorinda De Wolf wins the 15th (8) National from Montelimar (732 km)!

On Saturday 3rd July 2021 there were 4,736 pigeons in Montelimar (732 km) at 7.15 a.m.
Started with blue skies, northwest wind & good visibility. Unfortunately, the weather was very bad on
 the way to Belgium (thunderstorm zones & rain) so this race was a really tough flight!


In the East Flemish town of Wichelen near Dorinda De Wolf, the two-year-old bird B19-4052664 was caught at 11-18.31
at a speed of 1,116.50 min./meter. This should then also be the 8th national against 4,736 pigeons. 
Unfortunately due to a transmission error in the Brico system (via satellite) the bird was only reported in the pub about 40 minutes later.
 Real bad luck and this nowadays with an electronic recording system from Bricon. Thus the two-year-old bird B19-4052664 from Dorinda 
is now around 15th national vs. 4,736 old birds. 14 days before this bird from National Valence (677 km) flies 558th vs. 7,517 pigeons!


The descent from B19-4052664 leaves nothing to be desired. On his father's side, the best of the best 
Jos De Smeyter-Restiaen and Kurt Platteeuw (via sports friend Brantegem). Received as an egg on maternal 
side from sports friend Martin De Vijler.


That the two-year-old bird is absolutely TOP despite this stupid mishap, he already showed as a yearling:
18.07.20 National Limoges (640 km) 1.536. vs. 9.756 yearlings
01.08.20 National Souillac  (703 km)   256.  vs. 7.514 yearlings
15.08.20 National Brive     (677 km)    263.  vs. 4.238 yearlings
Amazing Wings wishes the friendly couple Dorinda and Andrè a little more luck on their next national flight!
Nevertheless, congratulations on this great success!