Jozef Uyttendaele wins 2nd National Limoges (639 km) vs. 15,565 pigeons!

On Saturday June 12th, 2021 with blue skies, northeast wind and good visibility,
nationally 15,565 pigeons started at 7.30 a.m. in Limoges (639 km).

Jozef Uyttendaele from Schellebelle in East Flanders recorded one at 16:27:34
Speed ​​of 1,192.49 min./meter his two-year-old pigeon B19-4156755 now
Called "Mister Limoges". This should be the 2nd national vs. 15,565 pigeons from Limoges.
The winner of Limoges is Pascal Arien-De Keyser.
"Mister Limoges" B19-4156755 also won 1st Provincial vs. 4,365 pigeons on this flight
as well as 1st National Zone vs. 4,870 pigeons and 2nd National vs. 15,565 pigeons. 
It was certainly not an easy flight to fight your way home at a speed of 1,192.49 min./meter with northeast wind (headwind).
On the father's side, the "Mister Limoges" B19-4156755 comes from the old speed lines from Maurice Uyttendaele (father of Jozef)
and on the mother's side from Albert Derwa with Dirk Van Dyck. This is certainly an optimal pairing to survive at a distance of 639 km 
in headwinds and to place nationally so early with an extremely strong will to return home.
Amazing Wings warmly congratulates the sympathetic and humble Jozef Uyttendaele from Schellebelle on
 this great success on the Limoges national flight!