A fair national race Argenton (500 km) on Saturday 04 June 2022 with a total of 39,196 pigeons!

Saturday 04 June 2022 at 07.15 in Argenton a total of 39,196 pigeons were born
(20,443 birds & 18,753 yearlings) started under blue skies, a light south-easterly wind and good visibility.
In Belgium and northern France, the north-easterly wind was good conditions for a fair race.

At 13:29:17 Paulien Speliers from Herne (province of Brabant) recorded a distance of
492.337 km her three-year-old hen B19-2132563 with a race speed of 1,315.41 min./meter.
This should be the 1st National vs. 20,443 birds.
If you look at the pedigree of the three-year-old national winner by Argenton, you can see 3 x 1st prizes on
 the father's side as a yearling on the short distance and on the mother's side long-distance blood!

In Merelbeke (province of East Flanders), the Marc Helleputte - Guido Van Caneghem combination recorded
 their yearling bird B21-4175117 at 1:47:59 p.m. at a distance of 511.318 km with a speed of 1,301.12 min./meter.
 This should be the 2nd National vs. 18,753 yearling! The 2nd National Argenton B21-4175117 comes from the super breeding
 pair B10-4103932 (Robert De Laere x Gilbert Meire) X B11-4116235 (Joris addresses). A full brother B18-4057022 was also 
1st ACE pigeon in Fondclub Lokeren! Real East Flemish class!
Amazing Wings congratulates Paulien Speliers and the Marc Hellputte-Guido Van Caneghem loft community on their great success!