Hendrik Demedts & Filip Steenhoudt win 2nd National Argenton (500 km) vs. 12,936 yearlings and 2nd fastest of 23,570 pigeons!

On Saturday, June 18, 2022, a total of 23,570 pigeons started in the Argenton national race (500 km) at 6:30 a.m. 
10,634 pigeons and 12,936 yearlings (total 23,570 birds). Weather at Start: nice to very nice, good visibility and south-easterly wind.

The loft community Hendrik Demedts & Filip Steenhoudt from East Flemish Moerbeke recorded their yearling hen B21-4014960 
at 12:31:33 p.m. (494.136 km) with a speed of 1,366.02 meters/min. This should be the 2nd National Argenton vs. 12,936 yearlings 
and 2nd fastest of a total of 23,570 pigeons. The 1st national yearling and fastest of the entire field of participants went to Marc & Angie 
Pletinckx from Deftinge with an Orig. Jos Thonè pigeon.
Amazing Wings congratulates the two likeable sports friends Hendrik & Filip on this great success!