Eric Vrancken-Berden presents with the pigeon “RICO” the 1st National ACE-pigeon KBDB Young Pigeons Short Distance 2020 !

The 1st ACE pigeon KBDB short distance 2020 comes from the province of Limburg from Kuringen near Hasselt. Eric Vrancken is a small fine short and medium-distance player who won this coveted title in 2020 with his “RICO” B20-5031856.

“RICO” B20-5031856



Lokaal                                      samenspel midden

Laon-1é-987 d                        1é-2924 d

Laon-2é-1302 d                      2é-4451 d

Chimay-3é-1095 d                 3é-3654 d

Dizy-4é-441 d                         8é-4982 d

Vervins-9é-1730 d                 12é-5077 d

Chimay-3é-239 d                    87é-3339 d

Laon-1é-274 d

Chimay-27é-445 d

Chimay-37é-784 d

“White Man” B17-6214606

‘White man’  6214606-2017

chimay-1é-106 d                  chimay-2é-1791 d                         

chimay-1é-413 d                  soissons-2é-4153 d

laon-1é-99 d                         dizy-2é-765 d

dizy-1é-132 d                        soissons-2é-1237 d

dizy-1é-689 d                        chimay-6é-4450 d

soissons-1é-259 d                soissons-6é-2229 d

chimay-1é-129 d                  chimay-6é-805 d

soissons-1é-893 d                dizy-3é-2682 d

laon-3é-78 d                          chimay-9é-1509 d

laon-4é-338 d                        chimay-14é-2629 d

laon-4é-160 d                        chimay-5é-1319 d

laon-6é-433 d                        chimay-5é-1557 d

laon-7é-416 d                        dizy-19é-4234 d

chimay-4é-397 d                   laon-6é-1488 d

chimay-5é-586 d                   laon-13é-1687 d

chimay-5é-335 d                   laon-24é-2973 d

chimay-4é-317 d                   chimay-18é-1431 d

chimay-6é-281 d                   dizy-2é-257 d

chimay-3é-81 d                     soissons-2é-163 d

soissons-4é-565 d                 chimay-60é-1680 d

chimay-15é-373 d                 chimay-25é-803 d

‘white man’ was in 2018- 12é nationaal asduif snelheid jaarduiven

In 2019 -3é nationaal asduif snelheid oude.

2é pro asduif snelheid oude-2019

1é asduif oude snelheid samenspel midden limburg-2019

1é asduif oude snelheid lokaal kermt- 2019

1é asduif World best pigeon 2019 snelheid (belgie)

The bird “RICO” B20-5031856 is already something very special since his father the “White Man” B17-6214606 (Orig. Rene Vervoort) was also a real rocket ! This superbird “White Man” has now become a top sire in breeding after its extraordinary travel achievements and AS pigeon titles. Quality just prevails !
“Super Toneke B18-5040905”
The mother B18-5040905 of “RICO” was also 1st ACE pigeon young pigeon 2018 in Lummen on the small middle distance.
Amazing Wings congratulates the humble sports friend Erich Vrancken on this great success !