Esther VEREECKE wins 2nd Provincial of La Chartre 536 km!

It seems as if the fairy godmother (top form) in the loft of the hens at Esther Vereecke moved in!
Last week, the pigeon lady from Beerzel already won the 12th National vs. 22,916 yearlings (14th fastest
of 46,824 total pigeons) from Chateauroux 519 km.

Saturday on 12.06.21 from La Chartre (536,101 km), start at 08.45 o’clock Esther stated her two-year-old hen “Little Ebbe” B19-6145679 at 16.00.16 clock with a speed of 1.231,80 min./meter. This should be the 2nd provincial vs. 1,007 pigeons and the 7th fastest of a total of 8,442 pigeons (3,896 olds & 4,546 yearlings).
“Little Ebba” B19-6145679 is a great two-year-old hen with a unique pedigree full of proven performance pigeons. From the good come the good! 
The top rankings of the lightning-fast travel females of Esther Vereecke on provincial and national level are therefore so high to be estimated because Esther is really a breeder with the small basket.
Amazing Wings wishes the sympathetic “pigeon lady” Esther from Beerzel (province of Antwerp) all the best and soon a 1st national on the big middle distance of Belgium!