Gerard RENS presents the 5th national AS pigeon KBDB Kleine Halve Fund young pigeons 2020!

The 5th national ACE pigeon KBDB Kleine Halve Fond 2020 comes from the Herselt province of Antwerp.

The proud owner Gerard Rens is certainly a stranger to the middle distance in HAFO Kempen
as well as on national long-haul flights.
The young female B20-6151650 became 5th national ACE pigeon with the following race results:
  1./1.464 pigeon
61./7.756 pigeon
22./1.238 pigeon
  1./1.496 pigeon
If you look at the pedigree of the 5th Nat. ACE pigeon KBDB B20-6151650 can only be seen sounding Names: Van Leest-Peters, Henri Menten, Heremans-Ceutsters and Theo Yskout! All top breeders from the province of Antwerp who have written pigeon history themselves!
Amazing Wings once again congratulates Gerard & Andrea Rens on this national award!