There are only two or three breeders left in Belgium who still have the old successful
Continue to breed blood of the Soontjens breed almost purely. One of them is Albert Hendrix
from Meeuwen in the province of Limburg.

The fast Soontjens at Albert Hendrix are built on the Super 36
B98-5166336 with its 10 x 1st prize by Pros Roosens !
It is already very impressive how many 1st prize winners and ACE pigeons
the Super 36 B98-5166336 !
Today in 2020, of course, it is the grandchildren and great-grandchildren, etc., who are in favour of the 1st prizes and top positions at Albert.
Since Albert Hendrix only takes part in the travel with young pigeons, there is the 
unique opportunity in the now ongoing Soontjens auction on Amazing Wings also traveled
Young pigeons 2020 as well as young from the best breeding pigeons.
Good Luck !