Heinz Hilleke – an exceptional breeding collection

With Heinz Hilleke I would like to introduce a sports friend who has put together an exceptional breeding collection in recent years.

The 67-year-old former farmer has focused on the breeding of exceptional animals and there are no costs u. Spared trouble. He has worked with numerous top breeders in the home. Foreign countries strengthened with top animals from their base. Particular mention should be made here of Günter Prange, Wolfgang Roeper, Dirk van Dyck, Patrick Boeckx, Dirk de Beer and so on. be re-paired


All the boys are handed over - the first two breeds are pulled into the crossing for the journey - then targeted to line for breeding.

Abandoned animals are involved in many breeders in significant performance improvements – but could many 1. prizes, best traveled animals u. Championships are achieved. In 2018 alone, in addition to numerous 1st prices, 3 regional victories could be won.


Regionalsieg – Hans Heinrich Klindworth – RV Zeven – Reg. Verb. 260

14.07.18 auf 420 km gegen 2310 Tb

09666-16-427 RV beste Taube mit 2 x 1. Konkurs – Linie Roeper

Regionalsieg von Reinhard Kramer RV Sauerland gegen 4623 Tb.  Linie Prange-Roeper

Regionalsieg SG Dederding-Marquart am 07.07.18 auf 516 km gegen 2199 Tauben 0999-17-676 Linie Prange-Kopmann


  1. Konkurs Göbel u. Sohn RV Geseke 07.07.18 Sens 535 km 948 Tb. ; 3. FG gegen 1694 Tb; 12. Reg.Verb. 8719 Tb
  2. Gien 610 km gegen 612 Tb. ; 1. FG 1345 Tb; 3. Reg.Verb. 6150 Tb.

04391- 15-1480 org. Hilleke – Enkelin Di Caprio

  1. Konkurs M.+ M. Brede RV Soest 08.09.18 gegen 1586 Tb. mit 07776-18-184 auf 260 km Linie Roeper-Heremanns


  1. Konkurs Heinrich Mack RV Wilhelmshafen mit 07913-18-223 auf 256 km gegen 467 Tb. Linie Prange-De Beer


  1. Konkurs Heinrich Simon RV Geseke 23.06.18 gegen 1337 Tb mit 04443-17-1 auf 339 km
  2. Konkurs Heinrich Simon RV Geseke 14.07.18 gegen 922 Tb mit 04443-17-1
  3. Konkurs H-H. Klindworth RV Zeven 05.05.18 mit 09666-16-427 gegen 513 Tb 177 km – Linie Roeper
  4. Konkurs Heinrich Simon RV Geseke 12.05.19 mit 04443-17-1 gegen 1971 Tb. 285 km
Heinz has come up with something special for the auction in Kassel. He introduces 3 top pair boys here.


Particularly convincing is the line SAGAN by Patrick Boeckx – This bird will be 2013 1st Nat. AS-Duif KBDB Snelheid yearlings – here were offsprings of Heinz already several 1. bankruptcies and others. win at Lena van der Becke – Offered here are children from a half-sibling pairing (Sohnx daughter) SAGAN. Paired was the SAGAN with daughter Kittel (1st Nat. AS-Duif KBDB Junge 2013) u. Daughter Broer Goede Rode by Dirk van Bulck.


Another offer children from a pure pair of Wolfgang Roeper, which has already provided for exceptional offspring directly or in grandchild generation. Father is the “01274-03-85” from the B-0233 -org. Heremans, who scores numerous top prizes at Roeper, and at the same time half brother of the B – 6241, which becomes 2012 2nd AS-bird BRD. Paired was the B 0233 with the ancestral mother 1241, which has significantly influenced the stock in Pinneberg. 132 a grandson “85” becomes RV best bird 2017 in the RV Geseke with Heinrich Simon with 13 prices – 2018 47th AS-bird Germany 434,58 AS-points altogether 10 prices u. 749 AS points. 2 grandchildren fly 10 + 11 prizes, the 3 best boys 2018 at Martin Brede RV Soest – also bred from “85“

Paired was the “85” with the “01274-16-31” daughter B-10-6146241 – 2012 2nd Ace bird BRD with 10 prices &. 987.84 AS-points at Wolfgang Roeper in total 13/13 prizes – the B-6241 has since proven to be an exceptional sire u. was sold at the total auction for a huge sum to Eijerkamp. Mother of the “31” is the 1 – a daughter 1241.

The “31” brings with a son “217” by Hartmut Will u.a. the 04391-17-495 at Wolfgang Roeper RV best young pigeon 5 prices u. 463.32 AS-Pkt. – Miterringer 1st RV-Jungmeister- 2018 11 prizes 853.75 pts Miterringer 1st RV-championship! Nestbruder 04391-17-496 flies Jung 4 with 383.16 AS points 2018 with 10 prizes 875.08 AS-Pkt.

Furthermore, children from the superstar “2657” son Di Capri org. Dirk van Dyck – who was paired with his daughter 04391-15-1480. The “2657” brings already 7 children with 1. price and. numerous other top aviators. Son 04391-16-1371 flies with Uwe Stöber 2 x 1st prize against 1748 u. 1709 pigeons. Granddaughter flies at Kluge-Schormann, RV Salzkotten Yearly 14/11 Prices u. 2018 13/12 prices 2nd best W in RV u. FG. The 04391-15-1480 flies at Göbel u. Son RV Geseke 12 prices u. 939.52 AS-points 2018 best female Westphalia 10 prices and prices 961.08 AS-Points total 12 prices and. 2 x 1st prize (500 + 600 km).

A super offer - top sire with his daughter with even 2 x 1st price.



Gez. Meinolf Korsmeier, Ostring 6, 33129 Delbrück – Tel. 0175-6688781