Peter Rager – Lord of the Dirk Van den Bulck pigeons in Germany

Peter Rager is 50 years old and lives in Alteglofsheim, a town near Regensburg.
Pigeons has Peter Rager since 1980. His main focus is on the breed. So he often tries to get kids from national ace pigeons and 1st national winners.

Several original Dirk Van den Bulck pigeons populate his breeding loft, including direct smock children.

First national ace pigeons like “Kittel”, “Lincia”, “Venus”, “Sagan”, “Blue Staf”, Olympic pigeons like “Olympic Rosita” and “New Kittel” are just a few examples of Van den Bulck pigeons , which dominate the Belgian short and medium game in recent years, offspring of these exceptional pigeons are the basis on the breeding loft.

Tochter Bruder Kittel

Sohn Bruder Kittel

Tochter Kittel

Tochter 1. Nat. AS Taube

Sohn Kittel


Pigeons like the "Goede Rode", "Brother Goede Rode" and "Kittel", the pedigrees of Dirk Van den Bulck, have won everything in the last years at the national level to win:
1.Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB middle distance 2018 (Venus - Lambrechts)
1.Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Shorts 2015 (Blue Staf - Boeckmans) etc.