Hok Steve Smits wins 1st Inter-provincial Bourges. 1,103 old birds and the fastest of a total of 3,682 pigeons!

After the terrific victory of the previous week of Chateauroux (509 km) the 1st national old birds vs.. 18,689 pigeons 
and the fastest pigeon of 45,570 participants (with the super bird Fabergé B15-2106417) continue the incredible success story in Rotselaar!

At the Inter-Provincial Race Bourges on Saturday 16.06.18 3.682 pigeons were at the start. Of these, 1,103 old pigeons and 2,579 yearlings were started on Saturday 16.06.18 at 08.30 clock in good weather.

Steve Smits with his winner Hannibal

Hok Steve Smits (nicknamed Stevie Wonder) posted his “Hannibal” B16-2040159 at 14.14.13 with a speed of 1,339.8396 min./meters, making him the fastest pigeon in the entire field of 3.682 pigeons and 1. Provincial Vs. 1,103 old birds.

Eye Hannibal B16-2040159

The strong blue super bird B16-2040159 "Hannibal" is in turn a grandson of the top sire "Abel" B08-2073956 
who was an exceptional pigeon himself and countless children and grandchildren of which 1. prize fly! 
The lineages of "Hannibal" are Dirk Van Dyck, John & Jan Baeck, Pantani by Guido Loockx, Gaby Vandenabeele and Jef Houben (Hubert Schroyens). 
All sounding names and noble blood of success!

Pedigree Hannibal B16-2040159

During a second visit to Rotselaar within a week, I asked Steve how it is that he plays so well at the moment. 
"I've been preparing my pigeons as usual over the past few weeks and have done nothing special,
I can not explain it, I suppose I've got the absolute super form on my widower hit, 
you can not plan or enforce that, it just comes or it does not come."

wing profile right Hannibal

wing profile left Hannibal

Next Saturday 23.06.18 in Belgium is the national flight from Argenton about 550 km 
instead of I ask myself the question if I have to go back to Rotselaar to congratulate.
 If so, it will be expensive for Steve Smits as some Champagne bottles will be due.
Dear Steve, wishes you all the best

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