Kenny Hollanders wins Interprovincial Vierzon (469 km) vs. 8,897 birds!

Our friend Kenny Hollanders from Berlaar in the province of Antwerp was able to celebrate another great victory on May 21st, 2022: 
Interprovincial Vierzon (469 km) vs. 8,897  birds. At 12:48:17 Kenny clocked his two-year-old hen B20-6200050 "050" at a 
distance of 469.625 km with 1,475.49 min./meter.

The winner B20-6200050 "050" already showed her class as a yearling hen:
132. National Bourges        vs.  25.096 yearlings
202. National Chateauroux  vs. 22.146 yearlings
What always impresses me during my visit to Berlaar is the small aviary in front of the travel loft
where the females are during the day. "Close together so they don't mate!" explains Kenny.
Amazing Wings congratulates Kenny Hollanders on his 1st Interprovincial Vierzon!