Kurt & Nancy Van Den Bruel put “Morris” B22-6044625 the 1st national ACE pigeon KBDB youngsters long middle distance 2022!

What a great year at Kurt & Nancy Van Den Bruel. After winning the 1st National from the Argenton race (550 km) 
on August 21, 2022 against 22,869 youngsters with the young hen "Jolle" B22-6044638, nobody thought that Kurt & Nancy 
could go one better.

With the youngster "Morris" B22-6044625, Kurt & Nancy also presented the 1st national ACE pigeon KBDB youngsters 
on the Belgian national flights. In 2022, the three best national flights out of four races will count!

How impressive the super rocket "Morris" B22-6044625 won the title 1st national ACE pigeon KBDB is absolutely world class:


30.07.22 Bourges   National  134. vs 23.847 youngsters
21.08.22 Argenton National    68. vs 22.869 youngsters
27.08.22 Argenton National      8. vs 13.393 youngsters

As a bonus last weekend (09/10/22) from Chateauroux (524 km) the 119th National against 17,081 youngsters!

No youngster of recent years can hold a candle to the superstar "Morris" B22-6044625 on the national races. Simply great !!
What is there else to say ? Pedigree, performance and pigeon simply the best!
Team Amazing Wings congratulates Kurt & Nancy on the great travel season with the title 1st National ACE pigeon KBDB youngsters 2022!