Kenny Hollandes from Berlaar a real champion

The village of Berlaar is a hot spot in pigeon racing.

If you want to compete on the middle distance, you have to make a huge effort and have a top material of pigeons. After all, you have to beat Gaston Van De Wouwer, Johan De Belser, Jos Maris and many other strong-playing punches.

One of them is the likeable sports friend Kenny Hollanders from Berlaar. Kenny has been playing extremely strong for many years but in the last four years since he retired he has put one more on it !

Asduiven 2019:

5e Nationale – grote halve fond – jonge duiven

1e Bevel – grote halve fond – jonge duiven

1e Antwerp Flying club – grote halve fond – jonge duiven

1e en 2e Regio Mechelen – halve fond – oude duiven

1e Regio Mechelen – halve fond – jaarse duiven

Kampioenschappen halve fond:

2014: 2e algemeen Regio Mechelen

2015: 2e algemeen Regio Mechelen

2016: 3e algemeen Regio Mechelen

2018: 1e algemeen Regio Mechelen


18/5/19 Chevrainvillier  afstand 351872m

2506d.overk.1-7-8-15-34-70-144 enz.13/18

25/5/19 Chevrainvillier

1621d.overk.54 enz.4/6

1/6/19 Toury afstand 380094m

1849d.overk.8-44-45 enz.9/16

8/6/19 Toury

1492d.overk.64 enz.3/6

15/6/19 Melun afstand 307998m

1833d.overk.36-60 enz.3/4

22/6/19 Melun


29/6/19 Melun


6/7/19 Chevrainvillier


1822d.overk.60-64-110-133-156-179 enz.11/22 jonge

13/7/19 Fay-Aux-Loges afstand 400064m

971d.overk.1-10-52 enz.11/14

20/7/19 Chevrainvillier


Issoudun afstand 501978m

11465d.nat.57-75-94-149-4/8 jaarling

28/7/19 Chevrainvillier


3/8/19 Pont-se-max. afstand 249599m

2731d.overk.14-29-45-136-140-172-204-205-217 enz.15/31 jonge

10/8/19 Melun

2323d.overk.12/26 jonge

17/8/19 Blois afstand 460573m

2752d.prov.1-18-80-84-enz.8/12 jonge


1679d.overk.12/24 jonge



Argenton afstand 553001m

23258d.nat.35-200-enz.6/12 jonge


2442d.overk. 8/18 jonge

Vierzon afstand 473142m

2195d.prov.25-65-enz.6/12 jonge


1675d.overk.4/7 jonge

Kenny has understood it from the close proximity of strong playing breeders such as Maurice Hasendockx, Vic De Wilder (2019 he introduced the 1st National AS pigeon KBDB), Johan Donckers, Harry Smolders and Leo & Gerry Dockx (Gaston Van De Wouwer) to strengthen himself and his own to form a trunk.

Honestly Kenny is the best hit in Regio Mechelen for me in the last years and is well on his way to making a name for himself on the national flights of the middle distance !

In 2020, Kenny also travelled to his childhood friend Leo Dockx from Konigshooikt with the offspring of his pigeons
successful e.g.:



B20-6201620 (Father is brother 5th National ACE pigeon KBDB by Kenny Hollanders) pigeon in Belgium on the 4 National Young Pigeon Flights 2020 !
28.Nationale ACE-pigeon KBDB Young Pigeon large distance 2020 !
   167. Nat. vs. 20.789 Chateauroux
   143. Nat. vs. 23.280 Bourges
   292. Nat. vs. 15.322 Chateauroux 
1.688. Nat. vs. 28.551 Bourges


B19-6098684 (Aus Geert Heylen-Linie von Kenny Hollanders)
6. National Argenton vs. 26.085 pigeons !


B19-6098878 ( Aus 540 Linie von Kenny Hollanders)
79. National Chateauroux vs. 19.259 pigeons !
B19-6098721 (from brother 540 von Kenny Hollanders)
4.National AS-Dove KBDB Year-old Grand Middle Distance 2020 !!
    3.National La Souterraine vs. 15.939 pigeon
  53.National Gueret vs. 12.888 pigeon
  31.National Chateauroux vs. 19.529 pigeon
139.National Chateauroux vs. 22.476 pigeon
 46. Prov. Blois
As you can see, the pigeons of Kenny Hollanders are ideal for crossing !

The Amazing Wings team wishes Kenny the best!