Team Eddy Claes presents with “Ella” 1st National ACE-pigeon KBDB small middle distance pigeons 2020!

Walter – Freddy – Eddy Claes
It is a new star in the Belgian pigeon sky with the team Eddy Claes from Kortenaken in
the province of Brabant !

The team Eddy Claes: Eddy, brother Freddy and friend Walter are with the win of the 1st National ACE-pigeon KBDB Small Halve Fond Old Pigeons 2020 with seven heavens ! After all, the three have only been travelling together for two years. Eddy used to have pigeons but due to lack of time these were unfortunately abolished. Eddy and his team have been active again for two years. 15 breeding pairs sit with friend Walter and at Eddy’s home the small travel population of 16 birds and 20 widower females. In spring, about 60 young pigeons are added.
The super hen “Ella” B18-2142643 provided for the 1st National Title ! 1. ACE pigeon KBDB Small Halve Fond 2020 for the pigeons. On the father’s side, the hen comes from Davy Tournelle (by the way Eddy got this bird as a gift from Davy !) and on the maternal side from the friend Walter who belongs to the team of 3 !
With the following performances “Ella” B18-2142643 1st National ACE-pigeon KBDB Kleine Halve Fond 2020:
4./2.214 pigeons
8./1.821 pigeons
6./1.506 pigeons
3./1.154 pigeons
During my visit I quickly realized that this title 1. National ACE-pigeon KBDB is only the beginning of a certainly successful pigeon career of the team Eddy Claes !
Amazing Wings once again congratulates the “Dream-Team” on this great success !