Jürgen & Roger Vervaeke Top candidate 1. National AS-pigeon yearlings KBDB Big middle distance 2018!

After the sensational 1st National of Chateauroux (465 km) on 09.06.18. 26,881-year-olds (second fastest of 45,570 participants) are back in the headlines by a super bird from the West Flemish community in Deerlijk.

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Middle-distance classic race Bourges National (470 km) will be decided in just one second!

Due to the very high temperatures of the last few weeks in Belgium, the national flight Bourges was postponed by one week in the itinerary (11.08.18). Due to the continuing heat in July & August and he very high losses in the young birds was the KBDB no race over the 400 km allowed therefore it was also very meaningful one week later to apply the first national flight of the young pigeons. Read more

The first female AS at the federal level in 2018 comes from the RV Lüdinghausen, province 409.


The combination  Hoppe & Son (father Karl Heinz & son Tobias) are the happy and proud owners of the Queen of Germany 2018.

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