René Geukens & Markus Bauer win the middle distance classic Bourges National vs. 18,707 youngsters!

On Saturday, a total of 39,068 pigeons (8,409 pigeons, 11,952 yearlings and 18,707 young birds) started at 7.15 a.m. 
for the middle distance classic Bourges (Vierzon) 478 km. Weather at the start: slightly cloudy to beautiful, 
weak southwest wind and good visibility.

At 11/12/52 the team René Geukens and Markus Bauer
recorded their young girl "ANNA" B21-5049054 at 
a speed of 1,612.22 minutes / meter. This should be the 
1st national vs. 18,707 youngsters. Mind you René and Markus 
had only entered 4 young pigeons for this middle distance classic
 of young pigeons and had 3 pigeons among the first 100 national
 of 18,707 young pigeons. A sensational result that the two sports 
fans will dream of for a long time.


The national winner "Anna" B21-5049054 is a small hammered female with a really great parentage. 
On the paternal side of the "Double Di Caprio" B19-6225072 (son x daughter of the world-famous Di Caprio 
by Leo Heremans of the type of Dirk Van Dyck). By the way, the son Di Caprio "Jessie James" B13-6122685 
is a real top sire (father of 7 different 1st prize winners). The mother of the national winner "Anna" B21-5049054
 comes from Michel & Gunther Eyletten from Diest, a friend of René Geukens.




Of course there was a good party on Saturday afternoon in Paal and a few bottles of champagne emptied for this 1st national.


Amazing Wings congratulates René and Markus on their 1st National Bourges!