Double strike 4th & 5th national by Danny Van Dyck on national flight La Souterraine on 07/25/20!

During the national flight of the large medium-haul route on 25.07.20 from La Souterraine (601 km)
9,469 pigeons and 15,939 yearlings together 25,408 pigeons at the start.

Start was on Saturday, July 25th at 7:15 a.m. Weather in the high valley: slightly cloudy to beautiful, Southwest wind, good visibility!


Danny Van Dyck from Pulle (Antwerp Province) caught up with his two hens B19-6109817 and
B19-6109782 sensational for double strike from i.e. these two yearlings hens flew together
the travel hit (601.393 km). First, the hammered hen B19-6109817 was observed at 1:16:54 p.m. at a speed of 1,661.77 min./meter, 
and then the blue hen B19-6109782 at 13:17:23 p.m. at a speed of 1,659.55 min./meter. 
This should then be the 4th & 5th National vs. 15,939 yearlings from La Souterraine (601 km) and 5th and 7th fastest pigeons out of a total of 25,408 participants.
eye B19-6109817
wings B19-6109817


eye B19-6109782
wings B19-6109782


If you take a look at the two pedigrees of the yearlings hens, you will immediately see that they are 
grandchildren of the two regular birds "KANON" and its nest brother "DEN 11".
 These two top sires run like a thread through Danny Van Dyck's portfolio.
pedigree B19-6109817
pedigree  B19-6109782


The joy was of course great at Klossterstraat 11 in Pulle with Danny Van Dyck. As a direct neighbor of Rik Hermans (DE DUIF), you have to dress very warmly on the national medium-haul flights to survive against Rik Hermans.


Amazing Wings congratulates the likeable Danny Van Dyck on this great double strike 
and hopes to admire the 1st National on the next visit! Of course with a glass of champagne ;)