National flight Argenton (543) with a total of 42,848 pigeons on Saturday July 11, 2020!

Combination Schepmans

There were 16,747  pigeons and 26,081 yearlings (42,848 pigeons in total) at the start. Elevation at 7.30 a.m.,
 weather at the location: beautiful, windless, very good view. Home: northwest wind.

For the 26,081 yearlings, the national victory and the 2nd prize went to the Jan Hooymans (NL) team in Mol (Antwerp province).
 Davy Tournelle won from Rummen in the 16,747 pigeons! Since these shots are already well known internationally, we would like to
 introduce the "little ones" with their top positions today:

In the 16,747 pigeons, the Schepmans Guy & Niels from Budingen (Brabant province) won the 2nd national with their beautiful two-year-old hen B18-2141351 with 1,235.71 min./meters for 543 km.


2. Nationale Argenton

4. Nationale Argenton



In the 26,081 yearlings, Gaston Wauters from Putte (Antwerp province) achieved the 4th National 543 km also with a hen B19-6033086 with 1,236.60 m./meter.



left Levin Scheers and right the happy Gaston Wauters !

Amazing Wings warmly congratulates Guy Schepmans & Gaston Wauters on these top positions!